Credit Union

Our Staff

Supervisory board member

Iago Bitarischvili                                                             


Born in 1975. Studied at the State Agrarian University of Georgia. Works at the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). Co-founder of the "wine clubs". Directs his own company, "Iago's Wine", which operates organic viniculture. Married and father of three children.

Supervisory board member

Sura Karbelaschvili


Born in 1965. Biologist. Operates in organic agriculture. Works for the association of organic farmers. Married and father of two children.


George Tevdoraschvili

Graduate industrial engineer

Born in 1975. Degree in industrial engineering at the State University of Tbilisi. Participated in Germany in the “Freien Jugendseminar” in Stuttgart. Now lives in Georgia and is the owner of the tourist company "Georgia Insight." Married and father of four children.


Jean-Jacques Jacob                                                        

Born in 1964 in France. Lives for several years in Georgia and together with Georgians actively builds the bio-dynamic agricultural sector. In 2010, he founded the non-profit organization "Momavlis Mitsa (" Future Earth "), Terra caucasica - Caucasian land-cultural center". He carries a biodynamic farm with his own bread bakery in Kakheti and sells organic food in Tbilisi.

Board; Executive Director

David Niguriani                                                                         

Diploma in Business Administration (FH)

Born in 1975. After the completion of the “Freien Jugendseminars” in Stuttgart, studied business administration in Nürtingen, Germany. Subsequent four years as a corporate account manager, with a focus on finance in the organic industry in the ethical and ecological GLS Bank in Germany. Lives since 2008 in Georgia. Married and father of four children.

Member of the Credit Committee

Tea Osepaschwili


Born in 1978. She studied at the Law Faculty of the State University of Tbilisi. After graduating  university, she studied International Agricultural Management at the FH-Weihenstephan (MBA) in Germany. In 2008, she was at the Law School of the University of Tübingen successfully completed the Postgraduate Degree Master of Laws (LL.M). Tea Osepaschwili is married and mother of two children.

Supervisory board member

Konstantine Bogveradze


Born in 1975. Studied mathematics and computer science at Tbilisi State University of Ivane Javachischvili. Then in Germany he gained work experience in various fields. Currently he lives in Georgia and is employed in the logistics and distribution. Married and father of a child.

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