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Projects 2011

September, 2011

Microcredit for organic farming

EthicCapital wants to promote organic farming in Georgia. The next micro-credit, the credit union has a living in Georgia Frenchman who for years supports organic farming here. Our customer has the credit for the purchase of ecologically pure sunflower seeds, which he cold pressed into oil added.

EthicCapital wishes you success!

October, 2011

Microcredit for preparatory courses for the study

As a single mother of two children and a refugee from Abkhazia is our borrower in very disadvantaged circumstances. An additional challenge for them is the severe disability of their son, the family faced with great organizational and social tasks.

Our client already managed to settle well in the new environment and to arrange positively: she has become the club's director of special care for people in Tbilisi.

With the micro-credit from EthicCapital she would allow her daughter to prepare courses for study.

EthicCapital wishes the whole family success!

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