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Projects 2012

January, 2012

Loans for agricultural activities

Our borrower lives in Kakheti. He has been building farm for several years in the district Sagarejo, in the village Vejini, on several acres of vegetables without chemical fertilizers on. The money gained from the sale is the main income of his family. Our client is an experienced farmer. EthicCapital has offered him to buy seeds and cultivating the land for a cheap loan. The repayment plan is adapted to his income.

EthicCapital wishes you a bountiful harvest!

April, 2012

Loans for small business

Our current borrower is a member of the organic association of Agriculture "Elkana" and has grown in East Georgia plantation with subtropical organic persimmons on 10 hectares. He is an experienced farmer and operates his small company very successful. Since its agricultural activity is seasonal, he wants to start a business, and with the additional credit to finance the construction of a small pig welfare.

EthicCapital is pleased to assist small business owners with ecological approaches!

April, 2012

Social Credit

EthicCapital granted the single mother of two and refugee from Abkhazia already Loans: Our client already got a favorable credit of EthicCapital in the fall of last year, to enable the preparation courses for a study of her daughter. With the new loan was bought a car, the severely disabled son gives her the opportunity to come out and broaden its environment. As a result, the everyday experiences of woman a huge relief. Moreover, the car is also used for trips from Social House of therapy, where the borrower serves as Executive Director.

March, 2012

Loans for small business

The next loan of EthicCapital receives a baker from the mountain region of Svaneti. He wants to set up a wood-oven bread in Mestia. To bake the flour from local rye and wheat species used.

EthicCapital pleased to assist small business owners in the mountain region, while promoting the preservation and cultivation of rare crops!

June, 2012

House in Argokhi

We are pleased that we are supporting in Kakheti another project. With the help of the loan of EthicCapital a house could be purchased with a garden in the village Argokhi. The buyer would like to make this house for a youth project. In this project we train young people to grow biodynamic herbs, which are then sold to Germany. The young people receive theoretical and practical training by consultants and experts from Georgia, Germany and Switzerland. In addition to the teaching companions a guest room is placed in the house. The garden will be used as experimental and educational field.

The house is rented by the borrower to the project leader EthicFinance. Lease by the house will go to the club owned by the relevant deadline.

July, 2012

Support an ecological winery

Our further client produces organic wine since 2003, which is made ​​by traditional methods and of the Georgian grape "Chinuri" in Quvevri. His wines bought the first organic certification in Georgia in 2005.

The wines are sold in Italy, England and the United States. As per the growing demand the wine production is to be expanded. EthicCapital wants to promote with this loan the preservation of traditional methods and the Georgian wine grape varieties. With the money he wants to buy more Quvevris (large lemon-shaped pottery vessels for wine making) and set up the wine cellar.

We wish you success!

August, 2012

Credit for preparation courses for the study

With the support of EthicCapital's credit a father wants to finance preparation courses for his daughter. The "Waldorfschule" student has to attend 12 classes and conclude of the educational journey and then attend preparatory courses at the State University. With these courses, she has the option to purchase access to higher education within one year.

August, 2012

For the development of the market for organic food

With another credit EthicCapital supports the activities of a Demeter farmer in Kakheti. Already for the production of cold-pressed sunflower oil our client received a loan for the purchase of the sunflower seeds in the fall of last year.

The current loan was assigned to cover the cost of a gift of customs in Europe transporter. By this conveyer the fresh products can be cooled and  brought to Tbilisi  to the organic market stand. Since the path of Kakheti to the capital requires a longer travel time,  this new transportation option a significant increase in quality. The weekly fresh produce offer a variety of fruit and vegetables produced in Georgia, French cheeses, cold-pressed oil, dairy products and eggs, baked in our own bakery sourdough bread and products of the Georgian farming associations "Elkana" and "Sema". In assortiment of this organic market there are also honeys, jams and sauces from Georgian spice "Caucasan", various organic wines, apple juice, and legumes.

EthicCapital is very pleased to support the development of a wide variety of biological market even further!

November 2012

Promote sustainable tourism

The development of the tourism industry for the Georgian economy is of great importance and has experienced in recent years a boom. It's necessary to pay attention how sustainable development will be more important. EthicCapital would assist in this industry to promote sustainable tourism and has therefore a member approved a loan that will serve to build a Georgian travel agency in this direction. Focus of the organizer are cultural and hiking tours for visitors from German-speaking countries. A common goal is to create awareness of the highly sensitive nature and culture of the country and to promote healthy development.

December 2012

Support in the area of sustainable economic

EthicCapital supports the development of a credit cooperative, which was founded by EthicFinance in the Georgian village Sobissi. In the cooperative youngsters from the Georgian village are actively involved and produce natural apple juice. Besides the production of the valuable product, includes the provision of technical knowledge and practical experience on the production, marketing and collaboration within a co-operative to concrete ways to show the young people ways of self-employment

November 2012

Support regional development

Another loan awarded to support regional development EthicCapital. Our new borrowers will set up a family hotel in a mountain region of Georgia. Guests will be entertained with the home-grown organic products of your own family farming. The credit union is happy EthicCapital in Georgia to promote regional development, which simultaneously supports sustainable tourism.

December 2012

Sustainable Development

The lack of water for irrigation of agricultural land is in many villages of Georgia a major problem This fact prevents the development of local agriculture and at the same time negatively influenced the income of the farmers. Particularly affected are the villages along the conflict zone, which originally divided the irrigation system with the villages across the border. With our credit a farmer will build an irrigation wells from such a village.

EthicCapital wants an abundant harvest!

December 2012

Promotion of organic farming

Our next borrower is lead by her father, who has already received loans from EthicCapital with our credit union. You will use the loan for the promotion of the family business. For several years the family of Kakheti successfully working in organic agriculture. In the summer of last year because of large hail damage, caused a significant loss of revenue with them. With the credit of EthicCapital the daughter wants to support the successful continuation of the family business now in financial terms. We wish you much success!

December 2012

Credit for a family

Due to severe conditions on the unpaved road in rain and snow, a family with four children could not drive into town and bring the children to school and the kindergarten and the parents themselves had to stay away from work temporarily. Despite the family got snow chains already in threatening situations. EthicCapital granted to the mother of the family a reasonable loan to purchase a used car with four-wheel drive

EthicCapital good wishes and safe driving!

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