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Projects 2013

January, 2013

Credit to cover school costs

With the further credit of EthicCapital our member will cover the school fees of his children. EthicCapital is pleased to support this pioneering and meaningful support of education for a family.

Have fun while learning!

April, 2013

Credit to cover school costs.

The support of education is an important area for our credit union. With a loan of EthicCapital our member will cover the cost of their child in the Waldorf School.

January, 2013

Credit for Regional Development

Regional development is one of the most important areas for the lending of EthicCapital. With a new loan, a greenhouse is now set up in a village of Mtskheta region. In the greenhouse organic farming will be operated with workers from the village.

Good luck!

March, 2013

Credit for Regional Development

A farmer from a village near the South Ossetian conflict zone receives a credit for the purchase of seeds from EthicCapital. The agricultural work requires funding in the spring, which is often an insurmountable obstacle for the small farmers.

EthicCapital is pleased to support the farmers and their agricultural work!

February, 2013

Organic Production

The toy market in Georgia is composed primarily of plastic toys that have very low quality and sometimes can even be harmful. Through our financial support a member of the cooperative is set up to a small workshop for wooden toys, where a disabled person will be set as an employee. To paint the toys ecologically pure colors are used.

May, 2013

Support for a Social Business

Our lender received a credit for his workshop where he produces wooden toys (see project February 2013). After a successful beginning, more handicapped people have been employed. Our member will use this new credit to buy a car, so that the products from the workshop can be transported to where they are sold. The car will be used to drive the handicapped people as well.

We wish continuous success!

July, 2013

Credit for Preparatory Classes for Academic Studies

With the credit by EthicCapital our member will finance the preparatory classes for his son's academic studies.

Having absolved twelve years of school, pupils must pass an entrance examination before they are allowed to academic studies. In addition to a successful school education some pupils need to attend preparatory classes with costs so that they are enabled to pass the examination.

EthicCapital wishes great success!

June, 2013

Boost Sustainable Tourism

The development of sustainable tourism in Georgia is very important for EthicCapital. Tourism is generally increasing thanks to the state's support amongst others. It is necessary to support a gentle and environmentally friendly way of travelling in Georgia's rich nature.

A member will improve the constitution of his small family hotel in the mountain region of Svaneti with the help of our financial support. He also runs a small farm that supplies the tourist accommodation with fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products.

June, 2013

Credit to Support Organic Regional Agriculture

The indicators to assess fruit and vegetables quality have obviously changed in Georgia. In addition to taste and looks, the origin and the cultivation method of agricultural produce gain more and more importance for consumers.

While local produce has traditionally been preferred, nowadays imported goods represent a big part on Georgia's market.

Most people are aware of the intensive use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides also in Georgia. Many of these substances are already forbidden in Central European countries.

That is why supporting every impulse towards natural and regional agriculture in Georgia is so important.

With the credit our member will arrange a greenhouse and grow organic tomatoes and cucumbers.

We wish fertile success!

June, 2013

Support for Sustainable Tourism

Our lender runs a small family hotel at Basaleti Lake, not far away from Tbilisi. His guests are served healthy and tasty meals with ingredients grown on the hotel's own acreage. EthicCapital gives him a credit which he will use to renovate his hotel for the high season.

May, 2013

Credit to Finance Academic Studies

Another credit by EthicCapital to support education: Our member in enabled to pay his daughter's tuition fee.

We wish successful studies!

May, 2013

Credit to overcome poverty

For EthicCapitall it is important to support individual initiatives. With this credit one of our members will build up a small animal husbandry. Thereby the family wants to overcome their acute poverty and enduringly improve their economic situation.

We wish a good success!

August, 2013

Credit to Cover the Costs of Academic Studies

Education is one of the most important areas of EthicCapital 's credits. This credit enables a former employee of the credit union to do master studies at Alanushochschule in Germany.

We are already looking forward to welcoming her back as a higher-qualified employee!

October, 2013

Social Credit

With this credit the credit union helps a single mother who is in a difficult social and financial situation after her husband has died. The young woman can repay another bank credit which is collateralized by real property. In that way she can keep her own apartment.

We wish all the best for the future!

November, 2013

Credit to Support Regional Agriculture

Our new borrower will expand his five-hectare hazelnut plantation with the help of our financial support. He will do soil cultivation and buy the necessary machines.

December, 2013

Support for an Organic Winery

We are very happy for the achievements of all our members. Our member has become popular in the sector for the organic wines he produces in the traditional way in a quvevri (clay amphora in the ground). To expand his business he has arranged a guest house next to his winery. With our credit the house can be furnished now.

We wish continuous success!

December, 2013

Credit to Support Beekeeping

Our member from the mountain region of Tianeti has ten beehives already and produces delicious natural honey. EthicCapital gives the industrious woman the opportunity to further expand her beekeeping.

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