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EthicCapital works since October 2010 as a non-profit association in the field of social banking in Georgia. Our general meeting is the heart of our work. Regardless of shares issued each member has one vote, together we decide on the goals and the development of EthicCapital .

We support projects in the areas of:

  • Social (education, poverty eradication)

  • Arts and Culture

  • Local, organic farming

  • Sustainable Energy

  • We have decided, to ask organizations for help, who take our concerns to heart and want to support our sustainable funding model.

Also we work sustainably:

  1. We publish all paid out loans

  2. No dividends will be paid to our members - hence interest subsidy

  3. By low financing ourselves - hence interest subsidy

  4. Support the fields that otherwise get difficult financial support, such as regional agriculture

  5. Substantive work and publications to show possibilities of an alternative use of money, and to strengthen

  6. Professional lending and individual customized repayment

  7. Networking between the members and the borrower to build a network of public interest

The work of EthicCapital based on the fundamental ideas of public welfare, sustainability and transparency.

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