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Updated March 2014

2014 EthicCapital's loan portfolio comprises about 90.200 Euros and represents our credit policy and priorities in lending to persons working in the indicated fields.

The chart shows the projects we currently finance and economic challenges which face the people of Georgia.

The development of agriculture is the main issue of the Georgian reality; according to this, the largest share of our projects is dedicated to the ecological agriculture.

We are very glad to be a part of this important development of the country and to be able to see the social impact of our activities within society.

Funded Projects

Updated March 2014

The most represented nationality is the Georgian with 79 members, followed by 25 members from Germany. Also we have seven members from France, four from Switzerland and one member from Italy. Nevertheless shifts in the geographical indications are possible, because some members do not live in their home country, but abroad. For example, some Gergian members have their center of life in Germany, while some of the France members live in Georgia.

Our work serves the people here in Georgia; they are the recipients of the loans. Most of them are Georgian citizens. The few foreigners who receive one of our loans are strongly dedicated to Georgia's development and running various sustainable projects on Georgian territory.

The part of our members with a support capacity is therefore primarily formed by our foreign and expatriate Georgian members. The beneficiaries are our members in Georgia.

Members by Nationality

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